December 12, 2016
Sergey Smbatyan summed up the 4th Khachaturian International Festival and noted that the 5th Festival will have a close connection with Ayvazovsky’s art

The 4th Khachaturian International Festival will finish on December 10 with a gala concert. The concert will include works by Aram Khachaturian. The State Youth Orchestra of Armenia will perform with a soloist Haik Kazazyan (violin).

Over the past two months, the Khachaturian Festival introduced symphonic, chamber concerts, ballet performances to the music lovers, well-known soloists and conductors arrived in Armenia, master classes were held. In the press conference room of the Armenpress agency the organizer of the festival, the Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia Sergey Smbatyan noted that the festival has a very wide coverage and is relevant to the international standards.

Sergey Smbatyan noted that exceptional performances and interesting programs were presented within the framework of the festival. He also stressed the fact that the festival concerts were broadcasted live on the internet, and it proves the quality of the festival, soloists, and orchestra musicians. He said that in professional terms it is a great achievement.

Maestro Smbatyan also talked about the 5th Khachaturian Festival which will be held in the 2017. Smbatyan noted that in 2017 we celebrate the 200 birth anniversary of Hovhannes Ayvazovsky, and organizers are preparing for the next festival the content of which will be closely connected with the art of Ayvazovsky.

The conductor admitted that this idea will be difficult to realize, but the organizers will do their best to represent our heroes and values to the people.

In 2017 the festival will also present symphonic, chamber programs and will invite well-known soloists to Armenia. The Principal Conductor of the Youth Orchestra also noted that next year they will focus on master classes, and their number will increase.

Smbatyan also noted that it is important for the audience to hear new music. "We build our program around the interests that the orchestra and the audience have. It is important that the halls were packed. It is also important to present new music, new compositions. "

Sergey Smbatyan also answered the journalists' questions concerning the PanArmenian orchestra. "Many people talk about the orchestra, it inspires all of us. On April 24, in 2015 the best musicians arrived in Armenia to become part of the 24/04 orchestra. For us it was a great achievement. On September 21, a concert of the PanArmenian orchestra and choir "Generation of Independence" took place. It is necessary to choose the honest format for the PanArmenian orchestra. It should serve to its primary task. We must show the world that we are united, "- Sergey Smbatyan said.

According to him, if the PanArmenian orchestra is replenished only by musicians who left the country during the difficult years, the orchestra will not contribute to its mission.

"It shall consist of the Armenian musicians, succeeded in different countries around the world. We need to create a domain with which to show the world that we can be together. Music gathers different generations living on different continents, people with different ideology ", - he said.