Aram Khachaturian


Aram Khachaturian is a great composer, standing at the peak of Armenian musical culture and having an unusually significant contribution to the classic music of the past century. His works are close and comprehensable worldwide; his talent is revered and loved by connoisseurs of art, regardless of ethnicity. UNESCO mentions the name of Khachaturian among the most famous composers of the twentieth century, and puts his "Sabre Dance" from the famous ballet "Gayane" on the first place in the list of the most popular works of our time.
It will be much easier to feel and understand the talent and spirit of Aram Khachaturian's works if we present the image of the composer from the words of his contemporaries, colleagues and just admirers of great art.


“I am very obliged to Khachaturian and his Violin Concerto, since performing this work I have become known abroad and have been warmly received everywhere, even where I had never been to. In many countries, audience was familiar with my other records, but the Khachaturian Concerto has made a special impression. Creativity of Aram Khachaturian is so individual, performed with such a novelty that listening to his works, from the earliest to the most recently created, made one admire with the treasury of talent, which is given to this artist, which allows him to create works so sincere, exciting, fresh, and always young in spirit.”

David Oistrakh


"My first acquaintance with the works by Aram Khachaturian happened in 1935. Then, in Leningrad under the control of Fritz Stiedry Khachaturian’s Symphony was performed – extremely talented work, full of rare national identity, infused with full-blooded perception of the world. We have witnessed the birth of the composer, which has a courageous and independent way of thinking, and his own view of the world… in short, there was no doubt: a bright, distinctive and powerful talent has come out in our art and he was to open up new horizons in the music of the 20th century and to occupy one of the most honorable places among the prominent artists of contemporary music.
Khachaturian's music has also another important quality inherent only the greatest talent: it had an individual creativity and unique originality of style. Actually you can guess his style just in a few beats of any work. And this personality is manifested not only in the manner of writing, not only in music technology, but in the worldview of the composer, based on an optimistic, life-affirming philosophy. That is why the art of Khachaturian – even in its seriousness and depth, is always drawn to the masses ...”

Dmitri Shostakovich


"Aram Khachaturian came to the art with the "application“ which immediately and tightly stamped him in the history of music: he was the one, who displayed the original folk wealth of the East on the orbit of high professional music.
Creative works of Khachaturian absorbed huge masses of Armenian folk music. The composer learned and reincarnated some tones of it so deeply, that they are perceived as his own.”

Edward Mirzoyan


"Khachaturian has brought the world of some new sounds, endearing energy, temperament, strength, varied rhythms, rich colors, generosity typical for his talent; he has kept in his music the heat of the sun.
The music of Khachaturian is amazingly invented for ballet and for dance creation, immediately generates a lot of variety of plastic images, prompts and inspires movement. And this is not so frequent talent - the ability to create a truly theatrical, plastic music.
... In each of its creations the composer is direct and sincere to the end; he can never be accused of art falsehood and lies. Yes, sincerity and immediacy are the most important features of the talent of the composer, in which indestructibly is living some youthful, not smoothed over the years, furiously hungry spirit.
This is a big kid, partly naive, touchy, but having an amazing gift of a typical eastern sociability, loving the noisy companies, cheerful and generous people."

Yu. Grigorovich